The Tableau Vivant…

The Tableau Vivant

In holding a ticket stub to an event called the span of a Lifetime, we choose to either remain asleep or become awakened, as the play called “Life” unfolds.

There are many rehearsals in one’s lifetime and from the unfolding scenes and acts in which one practices their roles, one may also gain insight for what takes place both in front and behind the curtain.

Upon such a stage,…props are utilized which can even involve the positioning of individuals as a silent cast.

These are called The Tableau Vivant, who are sometimes arranged to represent a scene or incident.

These talents are employed as “still and silent” stage props, thus having a frozen presence in order to imply greater meaning to a given plot.

From these motionless roles they are able to draw an audience’s emotions into sometimes a greater suspense and drama for the intrigue in a story’s telling.

They can also provide distractions for devilish deceptions, depending upon the store-line’s story be told.

The unspoken whisper that is staged behind the curtain is doing so in order to invite the audience’s participation, yet the invite is for a conditional awareness to evolve.

If one ventures backstage to take a peek at the costumed actors, artist’s and models, which are carefully posed and often theatrically lit, one can gain a greater appreciation for the efforts put forth in entertaining us with such creative distraction in the deceptions.

Such mindful preparations can offer greater interpretive meaning, in that for how a silent cast speaks.

To the exact degree that one may come to recognize such a hidden domain, it may offer insight for what may lay hidden behind another form of curtain, “The Thin Veil” where wisdom resides.

In doing so, one would also honor the blood that runs through their veins, in having held a ticket to this event called life from our ancestors.

Yet just like the silent cast of The Tableau Vivant their celestial beauty of music that strums our genetic strings must maintain respect for the rules of the universe and remain silent.

As they must remain still and silent in order for us to develop and grow independently.

The Swim…

We are all Olympic Gold Medalist, for we have all swam the currents among the many millions of others, that also sought the conquest to fertile egg and the opportunity to merge our spirit form into the fetal stage of life!

In the single sperm cell that made an impressive journey through a woman’s body, and being the one that succeeded in fertilizing the egg, we won The Gift of life!

Realize that our life’s origins have spanned eons long before our humanness was invited to partake in the warming of hands, while seated along side the tribal campfire called life on earth…hum?


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