Sunrise surprise each day shall rise as we shan’t know what lays disguised in day’s events in time that’s spent thee gift of life may make more sense.

Of time’s allotments upon this earth the days are tallied from start at birth, in ticks of tock that spin on clock the span of time cannot be bought.

For wealth and stealth and things we’ll learn, provides good measure of all discerns, yet in such views ’twill lay few clues for who’s been who in being you!

In numbered days and lifelong quest ’tis not that simple to be thy best, as hooray’s forays in days of quest can’t guaranty a high scored test.

Thus one should trust that all should fuss and lead not lives ’bout going bust, instead begat more lives a new and teach ”em well ’bout clues of few.

In start of day bend knee and pray imagine kingdom’s comes be done, and slow the race’s pace disgraced in living life without a trace!

Each day provides us reasons why to come to know the one on high, as his design can help refine thy mind in time and keep thy soul from blunders.

Numbered days til slumbered rest should help us all to example best, yet rest assured thy steps preferred can lead down roads to plunders.

In tangled words and things absurd we’ll toil in stance half kilter, and fail to see how world could be a place to seek safe shelter.

Yet worry not ’bout things yea sought in span of years in tears my dear, as life ’tis not just things we’ve thought nor conquered foes we’ve fought.

‘Tis meant to be a place where thee can learn ’bout things ’twill set yea free by bowing head on bent’n knees and praying hard for wisdom.

As wisdom comes from kingdom come not from mind’s designs, as not one speck of intellect can win the bet of life long trek, insuring life returning.

So don’t spin the wheel on life’s appeals nor enchantment of thy knowledge, derived from schools in heads from fools who wasted time in college.

Wisdom sought shall cost a lot in panning gold from reason, as finite grans that came from veins make worth, so much more a pleasing!

Not all that shines from specks of time ’tis gold that’s come to reason, as seeds shall need some time to breed, take root, expose their meanings.

When time is right these specks get ripe and flourish in such grand delights, abundant fruits and tunes from flutes and frothing foam from spice of life.

The Lord awards in just accord to those who seek out wisdom but, realize sunrise disguise will have surprise in pride’s oblige to sinning.

Each new dawn shall come along with dance to rights for wrongs, and lyrics songs will play along in chance to hold what’s cherished.

If King Solomon could, you bet he would have applied the gift of wisdom but, wised disguised was cloaked with pride and seasoned with deceiving.

Walk soft my friend with widened grin assured in lyric’s fancies, and see thy ruse in just such clues that tell yea more ’bout lost accords and passing times at chances.

Thus walk in ways and speak of days been given, to redefine thy place in times of blessed life you’re living.

Yea words in tunes must form cocoons, protect yea best from all the rest exampling Lord a sample, for who’s inside ’twas absent pride ’twill measure souls who’ve trampled.

Michael Chaffee


Writing with the Veiled…