The Loss of Child

In the beautiful gift of life, an appreciation can be gained for the loving nature of an all knowing God.

Sometimes in the darkness of night, a thief will come while we are sleeping and steal away the trinkets of such blessings.

In suffering such losses, it can shake our very souls, and in some instances these may seem to provide us with a just cause, for relieving us of our convictions for our beliefs.

What’s important, is for us to retain humility for his greater appreciation for the grand design, in the creation of the universe, and that his all knowing understanding, far, far exceeds our ability to fully comprehend it’s meaning.

As time unwinds the continuance of whatever life remains for each of us on earth, we should always remember as Christians, that God gave his only son, so he above all, knows of such pain, “for his son adorned, is always mourned, ’twas hung to tree while slain”…

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The Loss of Child

The Loss of Child


2 thoughts on “LOSS OF CHILD”

  1. Mike,

    I love how you processed the healing you needed through your conscious gifts through evolutionary transformation and came to a higher clearer perspective of the truth divine.

    Love, Tanya

    1. In attempting to imagine how a Mother might feel in the bottomless pit of desperation, I wanted to acknowledge the thoughtfulness in appreciating, if only for a moment, and if only with the liberty of imaginative assumption, how one might try to express such events, in the limitations of a man. I…of course, am not qualified in that of having never been bestowed the honor of being a Mother but, vicariously through the observance of suffrage, in that of my own Mother, having lost two of her own children, I came to know the finality in that of the presence of the aroma of death! It appeared like a thief in the night, and emanated from the stillness of the darkness…and found comfort in residing in the bottomless hole, that was left in the void of reflections, “in a wooden framed pane”…hum?…

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