Imagine That

Really, it’s that simple…Imagine That!

The Crying Angel...The temperature was a negative thirty-five degrees below zero that morning, and an odd feeling was attached to the frigidness.

The cold spell snap hovered over first morning light devoid of anything living.

It was as if, it was cold enough to ground Angels from flight!

The air lacked of humidity and the trees appeared as sticks all clustered together.

It was as if they had all started leaning together just to stay warm and this freezing cold was unlike anything that I had come to appreciate before. As this kind of cold possessed an emanate threat to the continuance of one’s life!

Anyone foolish enough to be caught in it, unprepared well…would be bitten very hard!

This kind of cold if caught in it for any length of time would usher in a silent whisper and a sleepy time lullaby that could lay ye’ down to sleep forever!

From the view through the triple thick panes of window glass I could see that my Californian climatic ignorance had disabled any trepidation about parking my HO-Mustang outside all night.

As luck would have it, the Stang’ fell prey to the previous night’s descending temps, as I observed it’s thick sheen covering from my window view.

As the snow faintly fell during the night it had filled the Stang’s contours with a resemblance of a frosted opaque waxing. It’s sleek lines and racy profile were almost indistinguishable.

It appeared as if a fairy Godmother’s snow dusting had turned it into a monolithic block of ice.

What the hell was I thinking parking outside, damn man!…

I had a perfectly secure, two car empty detached garage. What kind of absent mindedness could exempt me form having a clue about what winter could bring in New England.

What more could I have misunderstood about how unforgiving this latitude could be?

As the gelid waters of the North Atlantic descended the glacial winds upon this state of polar tranquility, the sustaining of life in these elements could and would simply cease!

Interesting enough my jaunt in Saudi Arabia a few years earlier had provided a similar environment, although that threat was on the opposite end of the thermometer.

I’d remembered the importance of preparedness in the one hundred and thirty degree heat of the desert one August afternoon a few years earlier.

This was when another version of our planet’s inhospitable conditions provided me with freakishly striking similarities!

While traversing along the Empty Quarter of Saudi’s southern border my Nissan Patrol failed me about sixty kilometers out from lands end.

In an endless sea of desert rolling sand, guided only by compass I’d discovered the vulnerability of my very “soft” underbelly.

Survival would hinge upon the prepacked provisions in anticipation. My ability to carry enough water to make it to an infrequently traveled dirt road, some than thirty miles out, would be the first determining factor.

The second would be how long it would take before another human being appeared.

The resulting departure of tire from rim when connecting with a hidden rock outcropping hidden by shifted sands, left me unable to continue by vehicle…hum?

Thirty miles to the closest sign of civilization and another two hundred kilometers to the main Highway!

Yep…the murmuring sound in the silence of the endless wind that had swept over those sand dunes provided me with an eerie parallel to New England’s rolling frozen moguls.

Oh…my my! The Stang’ was similarly disabled. For there was no way at thirty-five below that she was going to be able to turn over.

The viscosity of the motor oil would be about the consistency of bread dough. Trying to get the oil pump, or hell any pump in the system to draw up something close to a liquid and fire up wasn’t going to be happening.

I was unable to get to work that day, so cabin bound I was and cabin bound I’d be for awhile.

In the safety of the well insulated home’s fortress the Pot Belly Stove and a plentiful supply of dry wood could keep me securely nestled out of harms way.

Imagination is the invitation…

On that day and with a full tank of intention, I scripted a “What if” story about my heart’s desired life!

I painted the pictures with words for how my family would appear.

I applied imaginary nail to wood and mortar to brick. As I stacked the rows and courses of those imaginary intentions one upon another, the story came alive.

The story was about how my life would appear, if it was all up to me, my way! If all my choices were actually mine and if all the results of such desires could and would come to fruition…hum?

Quite a story I’m telling you!

From boating on the rivers and lakes to the structure of making a living in our own business. I laid it out in story form, as if I was actualizing the future of my life.

At end of day, I closed the story in a Word Doc. on our newly purchased HP-286 Computer. In those days you were only allowed eight characters in naming a file. So…I named the story LIFEPLAN.

It seemed appropriate at the time and if only for my own entertainment, I became amused by the mental picture of a life where all my choices were actually mine.

I’d now attached at least in a symbolic gesture my intentions to pen and paper. I had no idea that I’d just crossed the the invisible boundary between physical manifestation and the power of invitation from the greatest power in the universe.

For in the realm of the divinity, it is obligatory in summoning participation to first acknowledge and honor those as real possibility!

It is in the exact degree in which we apply our convictions for our hopes and prayers that our intentions are given the power to manifest into our reality.

It is in the weight of our faith, and in that substance from our individual belief that God delivers us!

Matthew 8:13
13 Then Jesus said to the centurion, “Go your way; and as you have believed, so let it be done for you.” And his servant was healed that same hour.

Unbeknownst to me, I had applied the fist rule of Jesus’s cosmic law in manifesting imaginary into reality!

You see in order to breath life into what can be imagined, we must sculpt form.

Form can be sculpted in clay or paint or in my case with words to a computer screen!

In applying the first rule of divine etiquette, we must offer the sincerity that can only come from acknowledging the humility that all things come from God. That’s the first hurdle in being human and it is in this voice that we are heard.

Well, as the job in New England changed a new opportunity in Washington D.C. called for us to move again.

In preparation for the move we’d of course need to box up everything.

Back then you needed to park your Computer’s Hard-drive, in order to keep from damaging the disk on your computer. So, I would follow HP’s procedures and when we’d arrived in D.C. I un-parked the drive and booted up!

The problem was “no” LIFEPLAN file appeared anywhere or at least I couldn’t find it!

As opportunities along my career path continued, I’d duplicated this procedure time and time again, D.C. to Livermore, Livermore to West Sacramento and then to Granite Bay, CA..

Five years had passed and I’d actually forgotten all about that cold winter’s day story, now being back in sunny Californ-i-a nothing was further from my mind, seemingly?

The new home had a separate private office with ceiling to floor walnut book cases, U-Shaped Work Station and of course my trusty HP-286.

I placed the tower on the floor, connected all the cables to the monitor, printer, etc..and turned it on. I un-parked the Hard-drive disk and just sat there for a few minutes watching the monitor. It scrolled through all the file listings a page at a time.

As the files scrolled through the alphabetized sequentially descending order the files starting with the letter “L’ came up…I saw it, right there, LIFEPLAN.

WOW…there it be!

I thought to myself! I’d forgotten all about it and truly thought that I’d lost the file with the story.

Upon the completion of the re-boot I looked on the “C” drive and discovered the file again.

I’d gotten in the habit of using folders for all my files by then and hadn’t searched for LIFEPLAN as an independent file.

So…there it was seemingly intact and view-able.

I double “clicked” upon LIFEPLAN and it successfully opened. I began to read what I had written in the Word.doc file pages some five years earlier…

It was just as I had imagined, the story had drawn breath and breached the cloaked imaginary world of thin air. I had summoned the attention of my Angels and applied the power given to every human being.

In applying pen to paper, I’d invited imaginary to the tangible table of reality, in applying and implying my heartfelt intentions!…Wow!

The story that was written on computer screen from thin air some five years earlier had somehow now materialized to a very large extent just like I’d imagined it!

To the exact degree in which I applied an unwavering certainty to my imagination my reality became demonstrated in the living proof’s chronicle.

The strangest thing about this was that it wasn’t a historical chronicle in the order of occurrence but, the reverse.

About ninety plus percent of LIFEPLAN’s story was in fact the life that I was living.

Now you can write this off or you can write your own story and see for yourselves

I’m sure that some will make light of these events but, for me, for my family and in recognition of the power that I know you and I possess, I’m obligated to tell you that your stories are all in the power of very own hands.

In asking for anything from the divine magnificence, the Creator of the universe, what message could be heard from the murmurings of insincerity and uncertainty?

If after all we fail to be devoted to our own intentions what then is to be contributed in observance of half beliefs, half efforts or even less?

Assistance isn’t required where all doubt is removed. The strength of our souls will carry us on our own merits.

God didn’t make us dependent upon another man. Our individual efforts are measured and scaled in the expressions of our power and from our own intentions.

For who would become something more or less deserving then that of one’s own image?

How could we be allowed to deceive ourselves by gaining assistance and falsifying our credentials. What story would be told and what truth would be known in the embodiment of such a deception?

None! So only through the application of the most absolute conviction and committed belief in our power will we come to know the fullest extent of what lays within our grasp!

I’m a believer in the greatest gift of God’s love for man on earth, the power of intention!

In applying this to it’s fullest extent possible the weighted worth in substance of our soul is scaled!

Let that measurement be your statement to the exact degree and in balance with your belief in God’s authority to do all things possible, in asking!

Mark 11:23 King James Version (KJV)

23 For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

Stone of 12 Angles, Cusco, Peru.As one of the most famous Delphic maxims, the eighth is inscribed in the pronaos of the Temple of Apollo and it offers us timeless wisdom; “Σαυτον ισθι” or “Know Yourself“.

We were all created in God’s image and it is that image, that must be visualized when we are looking in the mirror.

Our all loving God has given us life, in which to learn who and what and why we are who we are.

Don’t let life pass you by without embracing the opportunity to tell the story of your unique soul. Become known to God, and to yourself…Recognize that we are the only thing stopping us from experiencing all of God’s love and all we need to do is bend a knee and ask!..

Mark 11:24 King James Version (KJV)

24 Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Step out of your own way and let your power become known!

I wish you all the very best,

Michael Chaffee

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  1. For a “Lifeplan” to play out like this requires the author, or any of us, to possess many essential characteristics – including but not limited to the following, the order of which is insignigficant:
    self motivation
    and a loving spouse

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