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This site is under current development and will be exhibiting excerpts from Michael’s newest fictional novel in the coming months.

For the time being, we hope that you may enjoy some of his previous writing in the Ballad Style of poetry, that are viewable by clicking upon the links below.

Michael’s approach to poetry is to chronicle life’s experience and express an appreciation for the pursuits of deeper meanings.

“If not for the struggle, what worth could be measured in the gain”

His personal philosophy, is that when and if we choose to peer deeper into life’s meanings, we also honor the inherent obligation of fulfilling the gifts of our blessings…

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Refection In A Babies Eyes

Contrast In Consciences

Good Morning World

The Loss of Child

A Walk Down Memory Lane

A Mother’s Sunset

Forty Miles from Nowhere

A Call to Reason

Battles of a Soul

Teacher Student

The Day Before You Knew

The Eye of The Needle

Who Was Lucky?

Jumbled Truth

World War III

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