The Thin Veil

In taking a few minutes out of each given day, I express an appreciation for the pursuits, as well as the escapes!

My poems and stories provides his readership an opportunity for insightful discoveries, in that of ascribing meaning to the feelings behind the passing eras in a life!

It is in seeking out deeper meanings, that we become better known, if only to ourselves! As life’s measured time has no true duration and only last between the imaginary pendulum’s swing so, we too must place greater importance upon the gifts in the moment.

After all, in the opportunity in which we are afforded life, isn’t discovery a key component to our journey’s end?

“If not for the struggle, what worth could be measured in the gain”

Michael’s, personal philosophy, is that when and if we choose to peer deeper into our individual life’s meanings, one also honors the inherent obligation of fulfilling The Gift in one’s blessings.

In engaging these responsibilities, we pay homage to those who’s genetic chemistry forms our ancestral heritage and summons a viewing by those beyond the thin veil.

They are separated from us in this physical world but, we are closer than we realize at times and we are never alone. We came from this spiritual domain, and inevitably…we shall most certainly be returning to it!

However cognizant or not, that one becomes aware or chooses to lend ear and focus open eyes upon the gifts of momentary intuitiveness, it can be equally scaled to the same degree that life’s many questions find answers unveiled or remain obscured.

It is for us to gain insight from the silence of The Tableau Vivant or disregard their motionless presence on the stage of life. Either way…the opportunity in the moment will have been presented to us…hum?


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Writing with the Veiled…